Shazam!... Blue Satin Panties

Blue Satin Panties Are Brilliant

Who doesn’t long for a life where every day you could wake up, go out on your porch and gaze upon the brilliantly azure waters of a Caribbean or Polynesian lagoon? Think that’s a life only for rock stars? Think again. Take the plunge and buy yourself a small piece paradise when you purchase Simply Luxurious Lingerie’s brilliantly blue satin panties. As silky and shiny as our other lovely colors, our blue satin panties make your heart scream – Shazam!!!

Blue Satin Panties Highlight Your Assets

You’ll love standing with your back to a full-length mirror. Why? You’ll just adore your cute, shiny little butt in our blue satin panties. Each of our blue satin panty designs maximize your assets. Our full-coverage hipster offers a bold and beautiful palette on which to gaze. Our bikini enhances your curves and fits just perfectly in all the right places. Our Brazilian cut, a two-thirds cut accentuates your bottom as you follow its glorious lines (the extra touch of some ruching on the backside is even more sensuous). Our thong, while sporting the least amount of blue satin fabric, still manages to pull off the sexiest look, in my humble opinion.

Blue Satin Panties Are Heavenly

We don’t pretend to be brainiacs, but here’s our Latin lesson for the day. Did you know that SLL’s blue satin panties are cerulean, which loosely translates into heaven or sky. Buy yourself a little piece of heaven when you wear our blue satin panties. All we’ll say is that when you see your partner wearing these shimmering, shiny blue satin panties, you’ll go down on bended knee and look skyward in thanks. Right?

Blue Satin Panties Are Classy

When we were designing our sexy, satin lingerie, among some of the choices we had to make were which colors to use in our first production run. White and beige were out of the question. Black is a fairly simple go-to color choice. But then what other colors? Red was also a no-brainer, since nothing says sizzle like red satin lingerie. And then we came upon our classy, sophisticated “princess” blue. This deep (but not too deep) blue enhances all skin tones. We think our blue satin panties are also perfect under your wedding dress. You know, something borrowed, something blue? In fact, have your whole bridal party decked out in blue Second Skin Satin panties? Just thinking out loud, here.