Sexy Satin Underwear... At Last!

Quest for the Holy Grail: Sexy Satin Underwear

Sexy Satin Underwear from Simply Luxurious Lingerie

Back in the day, Victoria's Secret got the whole world hooked on satin underwear for women. "Second Skin Satin", they were called and they were so comfy and so sexy. Women went crazy for them (and not just women!) and then, sadly, they were discontinued.

Satin underwear became hard to find anywhere. Quality was low and the supply was scarce. "Why?" we asked ourselves. We love satin undies. 

Our quest for the holy grail resulted in this company-- Simply Luxurious Lingerie. A new line of simply satin underwear designed for women who used to love second skin satin and are looking for premium satin underwear for women.

Why is satin so amazing?

Satin is Sexy

I mean, seriously sexy. Who in their right mind sees those beautiful bumps and curves wrapped in satin and thinks, "eh, that doesn't do anything for me."? Nobody! Satin underwear is where babies come from. 😅

Satin is Shiny

People are attracted to shiny things. Shiny satin underwear makes you want to reach out and touch them. So don't go showing off your goods and expect us to keep our hands to ourselves! It's instinct!

Satin is Silky

It's not just the shine of satin that makes you want to touch it. It's also the silky texture. Satin underwear just begs to be touched, stroked, rubbed... You get the point.

Satin Makes Your Butt Look Great

Nothing sexier than a bubble butt, right? Satin undies have that gorgeous shine that accentuates the curves of your butt and gives you just the look you're going for.

Satin Makes Your Boobs Look Bigger

And while we're at it, let's talk about how your boobs look in satin! Big and round is how they look. They can't hardly even look anything BUT perfect when you're rocking a satin bra. Satin is like an instant implant. Just put it on and catch those hungry looks!

Satin Underwear Inspires Confidence

All joking aside, take a look at the points above. What do they all point to? Confidence.

Womens' bodies are fascinating and beautiful. That's why the whole world spends an inordinate about of time looking at, focusing on, and discussing womens' bodies. It's not because we don't like them. It's because we love them. We can't get enough of them!

Women have enough to worry about without worrying about how their bodies look every day. Satin lingerie is MADE for women. It doesn't matter what shape your body is... Satin underwear accentuates your gorgeous features and gives you a reason to let them shine!

We can't wait to hear how YOU feel with satin underwear from Simply Luxurious Lingerie!