Second Skin Satin

Our Second Skin Satin:

ย Second Skin Satinโ€™s Heyday

Back in the 90s there was satin everywhere. Every woman, it seemed, wanted to wear a satin or silk blouse when dressing up. Women looked great, both in the office and out for a Saturday night. Silk and satin were EVERYWHERE! Simply Luxurious Lingerie sexy satin bra and panty sets represent that era. Itโ€™s like Second Skin Satin, only so perfectly updated. You put on our super silky second skin satin panties and second skin satin bras and suddenly and overwhelmingly you have this urge to run your fingers over the lustrous surfaces โ€“ the seams, the cups, the panty lines (front and back). Itโ€™s just natural. Itโ€™s a completely sensual moment. So perfectly polished. Clasping the hook-n-eye closures, feel how the sexy second skin satin lingerie wraps around you. Pulling up the panties, feel how the sexy second skin satin lingerie accentuates your curves, caresses you and embraces you like the second skin satin it is. Itโ€™s an all-encompassing moment of personal intimacy. Feeling so sexy underneath no matter what you decide to wear that day.

Vintage Second Skin Satin

Has anyone seen the crazy-assed prices some people are asking for original Victoriaโ€™s Secret Second Skin Satin on Ebay? ย I mean, $89.99 for a pair of used panties???? Comeโ€™on, man!!! Simply Luxurious Lingerie is the new second skin satin. Weโ€™ve made beautiful, quality satin lingerie thatโ€™s just plain and simply going to make you feel beautiful, sexy and oh so luxurious. Are you playful, yet authoritative? Soothing, yet striking? Lively and powerful? Elegant and tranquil? Serene and dependable? Dynamic and purposeful? Entertaining, yet credible? Or just incredible? Second skin satin bra and panty sets produce unique effects and accentuate your strongest qualities. Engage!!!

Search Second Skin Satin

You can search the world over and really not find Second Skin Satin anymore. Why? That doesnโ€™t exist. But what does exist and what has taken its place is Simply Luxurious Lingerie. Indulge again in some luxurious second skin satin lingerie. Some people are blessed with natural color coordination. Our second skin satin bra and panty sets play right into that gift. Our three basic, but bold color choices can match, blend with or accentuate your other clothing choices. But donโ€™t be mistaken, our second skin satin bra and panty sets are definitely the key elements around which you build your color scheme. Be daring. Clash if you must. Make an extraordinary statement in which you can take great pride.