Satin Thong

Sexy Satin Thong
There are such things as basic necessities. Youโ€™ve heard of the little black dress. What about the little black satin thong underneath? Yes, those are the basic necessities. Well in our book the basics also include delicious silky satin bras, but hey, weโ€™re talking about the little black dress and satin thong, so letโ€™s save the silky satin bras for some other day. Our satin thong makes you feel sexy and oh so carefree. The form-fitting sleekness of a satin thong gives you hours and hours of luxurious comfort.
Romantic Satin Thong
You and your partner have returned from a romantic dinner and its โ€œthat timeโ€ for a few gentle kisses, a caress along the neck. The next thing you know there is that satin thong. It is twirling around on your index finger. Is there anything that says โ€œwelcomeโ€ like a dainty little satin thong spinning around on your finger? Call it romantic, call it playful or call it the indulgence of your sensual desires. Dang, thatโ€™s sexy.
Everyday Satin Thong
Letโ€™s face it. Sometimes your have to go to work. That doesnโ€™t mean your sexy satin thong needs to stay home on the lingerie drawer. Nothingโ€™s more comfortable all day than a Second Skin Satin thong from Simply Luxurious Lingerie. Trust us, we know. Other than making you look sexy โ€“ front and back โ€“ our satin thong feels as though youโ€™re not wearing anything at all. Are you???
Workout Satin Thong
Go into any gym, any time and youโ€™ll find scores and scores of women in tight-fitting nylon shorts, capris and leggings. Itโ€™s the nature of the todayโ€™s exercise wardrobe. Many women often choose to wear thongs, too. Now that weโ€™ve established this, what could be worse than working out hard in a itchy lace thong? Think about how and where a thong fits. Whatโ€™s more comfortable? Rough lace or the gentle caress of silky satin? A sleek, shimmering, charming satin thong is the best choice every time.
Racy Satin Thong
Letโ€™s drift into a dream sequence, shall we? Youโ€™re at the controls of a vintage, convertible E-type Jaguar Roadster. Youโ€™ve got your leather driving gloves on, which match your boots. The stick shift feels like an extension of your arm. Youโ€™re ever-so firmly installed in the leather seat. The engine rpm needle swings as the carโ€™s massive 12-cylinder engine powers through turn after turn. Our dream cuts to legs intertwined, hands caressing each other, hair whipping. And that satin thong. Nothing but the smooth, soft satin thong against your skin. Be bold, be daring and rev your engine!