Is a satin fetish “abnormal” these days?

A fetish is commonly defined as a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing or part of the body. I prefer to think of it in totally simple terms – things that make us feel really gooood! So, if our mutual admiration for all things such as silk, satin, leather, latex, etc., takes you out of the mainstream, then the more power to you. In today’s world of culture wars, maybe a healthy and robust fetish or two might be more “normal” than you think. We say, bring on the shiny, silky, sexy Second Skin Satin lingerie and let the satin fetish games begin!


Satin Fetish or Satin Lover?

Why not both? Sexual gratification is a wonderfully healthy ambition. To lust for the shiny beauty of a bikini panty glistening in the sunlight on someone’s rounded bottom is a glory to behold. A thong will do just as nicely, but I suppose to take full advantage of the satin and sunlight, a full-coverage hipster panty gives you the most “surface area” for a caressing swipe of the hand. Likewise, when you think of bras, you might likely fixate on the cups. After all, they do hold those outstanding physical assets called breasts. But having a satin fetish, you gain a greater appreciation for the “wings” of a bra, how they smoothly glide under the arms and around to a middle point of the spine to create an other-worldly symmetry. Add some sunlight to this wonderous sight and the heavens seem to open. Ahhhh!

Satin Fetish in Technical Terms

We’re not doctors, but we’ll pretend here. Being a satin lover, or having a satin fetish, means you’re enjoying the most fundamental of human senses. The sight of luxurious, shiny satin, and the heightened sense of arousal that can accompany this, creates a response in several areas of the brain. If this leads to sexual gratification, your brain releases oxytocin, which helps regulate that nasty, stress-induced hormone cortisol. Cortisol, for example, represents our work lives. Yuck. Satin fetish good. Cortisol bad.

Thank You Satin Fetish / Lovers

Just to recap. 1) A satin fetish can be a healthy, normal augmentation to an active sex life. 2) A powerful desire for satin as part of your sexual gratification definitely helps create positive brain functions. 3) We’re all just having fun here, so please, please don’t take yourselves too seriously and just enjoy some super simple pleasure. We thank all of you guys and dolls out there, and your wonderfully beautiful fascination for satin, for your blissful support of our 100% satin lingerie. Simply Luxurious Lingerie is all about “Expressing your beauty, your way.”