Satin Bras

Caress Yourself In Satin Bras

A continuing theme in all our writings is that Simply Luxurious Lingerieโ€™s satin bras caress your skin, your body, your curves. Our satin bras feature satin-lined cups, which ever-so-delicately embrace and caress you โ€“ the ultimate in all-day comfort and unseen pleasure. And the fantastic attention to detail given these beautiful, handmade satin bras make you appreciate them all the more. Open your Simply Luxurious Lingerie delivery of satin bras, see how they radiate sensuousness with their vivid colors and lustrous, high sheen. Run your fingertips across the cupโ€™s surface. Feel the satinโ€™s luxury. Thatโ€™s enough for now โ€“ new paragraphโ€ฆ.


Satin Bras Are Meant To Be Seen

โ€ฆpicking up from the previous thought, now take your new satin bras, find a mirror (preferably full length) and try them on. Note how soft your satin bras feel against your skin. If itโ€™s our long line model, feel how the satin embraces youโ€™re your whole upper body, wrapping you in slimming comfort. Now take your hands and follow along from the cups to the sides. Check out the lacing details on our plunge and longline satin bras. Now think about your partnerโ€™s hands doing the same things on the cups, along the sides and around to your back. Touching, so gently, yet firm enough to make your spine tingle. Thatโ€™s yours to experience in our Simply Luxurious Lingerie satin bras. Ever so delicate and feminine. And sassy.


Coordinate With White

Even though Simply Luxuriousโ€™ satin bras arenโ€™t yet made in white โ€“ weโ€™d like to think there are plenty of plain white bras in the world โ€“ thatโ€™s not to say we donโ€™t pair up our sexy, silky satin bras with white. We like to think of white as innocent, when we know how far from the opposite our thoughts can be. For the Holidayโ€™s my hubby gave me a pair of white leather, mid-calf boots with 4-inch heels. You canโ€™t just wear these boots everywhere, as that would diminish their uniqueness. But for a special night out, these sexy, fun little boots match up perfectly with a short, sparkling skirt or some faux leather jeans. What also adds that erotic โ€œzingโ€ to the outfit are any of our longline, plunge or balconette satin bras. Covering these bras so delicately with a sheer black and white polka dot silk top. Itโ€™s a wonderful feeling to encounter people who look at you, wondering where you bought your beautiful bra. Step inside the world of expressing your beauty, your way with satin bras from Simply Luxurious Satin.