Obsessed with Shine

Weโ€™re obsessed with shine, liquid shine at Simply Luxurious Lingerie. Weโ€™ve purposely hand-manufactured high-quality bra and panty sets to be as reflective as possible. Think about if youโ€™re out and wearing these beautiful bras under a sheer top. Someoneโ€™s going to reflect on what youโ€™re wearing. Make that impression, be the model of liquid shine lingerie in someoneโ€™s memory. Leave people around you wondering, โ€œWhere did she get that beautiful, liquid shine lingerie? That long line, plunge or balconette bra?โ€ What striking beauty. Itโ€™s like people selling liquid shine lipstick, but your tantalizing lingerie only comes off when you decide to take it all off.

Liquid Shine Lingerie

One reason we chose to make liquid shine lingerie is that weโ€™ve obsessed about the complete lack of well-made, pure shine lingerie in the marketplace. Weโ€™ve fetishized about garments that form a "second skin," acting as an embracing, sultry, delicious surrogate for one's own skin. Skin-tightย liquid shine lingerie appears coated in a shiny substance like itโ€™s been painted on your body. Every move your make, your bra and panty move with you.ย  You tend to forget just how beautiful your liquid shine lingerie makes you appear. The tightness of the garments is also very sexual. Our liquid shine nylon-spandex fabric very smooth andย silky to the touch, enhancing yours and your loverโ€™s sexual experience. Liquid shine lingerie is so wonderfully tactile, yet equally as visually stimulating. Feel it gently, yet firmly, caress your body.

Liquid Shine Lingerie Landscape

If you try to look up liquid shine lingerie on the Internet, youโ€™re met with $5.99 cheap synthetics made in China. We suppose thereโ€™s a market for fabrics that stretch and unravel after the first wearing, but not in this house. We poured over multiple samples of liquid shine fabrics. We chose bra designs to highlight your natural assets, then designed panties that delicately highlight, well, your ass. Truth is, weโ€™re the only seller of high-quality, handmade liquid shine lingerie sets on the market.

Complete Your Wardrobe

Let Simply Luxurious Lingerieโ€™s liquid shine lingerie complement your liquid shine wardrobe. If youโ€™ve got a liquid metallic puffer jacket, for example, you should be wearing a beautiful electric blue longline bra and Brazilian cut panty. If youโ€™re planning on wearing your tight metallic leggings, then itโ€™s our cardinal red balconette and thong panty. You get the idea. Just like a nicely balanced wine and a smooth cheese, our liquid shine lingerie pairs well with daring, sexy clothing.