About Us

“Expressing your beauty, your way”
Simply Luxurious Lingerie is a husband and wife team. It started as a result of our sense of playful adventure and true love. Our designs and fabrics allow you to acknowledge your innermost desires. Your happiness begins when you slip into Simply Luxurious Lingerie.
We know life is worth living to its fullest. This includes removing restraints that can trap a person’s inner beauty. Indulge your desires and express your sexuality! Wrap yourself in sensuous materials!
Lingerie is the essence of your inner beauty. Let it hold you and embrace you! It will make you feel sexy, bold and confident.
This company is beginning its journey by offering popular bras and panties in the second skin satin materials and styles. We started with the most common sizes. As we grow, we want to hear your thoughts. This will direct us in our future manufacturing.