Satin Bras Are Your Destiny!

Satin Bras Will Make Your Future Shine...


Satin Bras are Sleek

Satin bras are your destiny! Why wait to enjoy the sleek sophistication that silky satin bras provide. Satin bras embrace your curves and make your heart race. Let your true love be your lover, but let satin lingerie guide you into their arms.


Satin Bras Shimmer

Satin bras glisten in every level of light, from standing in front of a window on a sunshiny day to enjoying a glass of wine by candlelight. Simply Luxurious satin bras seize on any available light, providing extra illumination even in darkened surroundings. It’s mystical, magical and erotic.


Satin Bras are Charming

There’s something mesmerizing about silk and satin. Both lustrous materials capture our imaginations of true femininity. With satin bras underneath, we feel polished, yet romantic. Ready for a wild ride? Satin lingerie is charming, yet it leaves you feeling somehow….just a little bit scandalous. After all, why should I get to feel sooooo good, right?


Satin Bras are Slimming

Just as satin lingerie is hypnotic in its beauty, so too does it generate a body conscientiousness that is pure beauty. You feel sexy, you want to – you have to – run your hands along its surface. Satin bras are brash, they’re rogue, they’re empowering. So sexy is wearing satin that you’ll think you are the Queen and everyone else are merely Lords and Ladies.


Satin Bras are Bold

Satin bras are brash, they’re rogue, they’re empowering. In a word, satin bras are bold! We’ve not gone through all of the concepting, initial design/sample phases, production samples and manufacturing to make some namby-pamby beige crap for big box store. No. Certainly not. We’ve produced this beautiful, bold, sensuous lingerie for you – the creative, attractive, risk-taking individual that you are. Join us.


Satin Bras Exude Confidence

Ask our models. Their response to wearing out fine bras and panty sets? “This feels soooooo good.” “It fits me like a glove.” “It’s like a second skin.” And on and on. Not only did we all have an absolute blast at our photo shoots, but we instilled in our models a sense of confidence that enabled them to step in front of the professional camera, bare themselves and their beautiful bodies in lingerie that made them as comfortable posing as sitting at home binging on NetFlix in their favorite chair.


Satin Bras Allow You To Express Your Beauty, Your Way

It may be Simply Luxurious Lingerie’s slogan and tagline, but it’s also a way of life. Male or female, satin bras make you feel sexy, make you feel powerful. So express yourself in a long line satin bra, a plunge satin bra or a balconette. Pair it with a sexy stain panty of your choice and have fun! The world, it seems, is becoming a much more serious place. Put some seriously sensuous dainties on and take it easy. Relax. Enjoy yourself. You have choices. You can confirm to some social norm or constrict, or break out on your own. Choose brash over mundane.


Satin Bras are Simply Beautiful

What can we say? We’re true believers. We started this business because we love satin lingerie. And if it disappears from the mainstream, we believe you must be innovative and build your own business to replace a suppressed demand. Anyone who knows the huge success of Victoria’s Secret Second Skin Satin from the 1990s into the 2000s knows that the aftermarket for those good is robust, especially now that most used supplied have been diminished. It’s crazy. We have the most beautiful, sleek, shimmering, charming, slimming and bold satin bra and panty set on the market today. That’s a statement of fact, let anyone prove us wrong.