Yay! It's Our Day!

August 5th is National Underwear Day, so feel free to by some simply smooth, sexy and sassy underthings. Simply Luxurious Lingerie.
Today's women's lingerie has its roots in the early 1900's with the British designer Lady Duff-Gordon. She popularized post-Victorian era slips and sleepwear in Europe and the U.S.
Much like our mission, National Underwear Day helps promote a positive body image. We're all about that. Our lingerie is made for anyone. Enjoy and embrace your body today- and everyday the luxurious way!!


  • Ben

    I agree Kevin and Tom. So great I have finally found something all satin. The rio is my favorite one. I also like how the hipster feels and looks! Thanks, SLL!

  • Tom

    Hi Simply Luxurious Lingerie! I am a guy that loves to wear satin braโ€™s and underwear for play and for my comfort. Thanks for making these! I already have one bra and three panties but today I am getting more. I love the feeling of them on and the shiny look when I see myself in the mirror.

  • Kevin

    SLL, Thank you so much for bringing back the all-satin. I used to love second skin satin but they are no longer availableโ€ฆ. except used. As a guy, I really appreciate the rio. It has the perfect fit for my body and I dig the way it looks on!!

  • Lexi

    Hey there, SLL! I just received my first set of lingerie from you! OMG, I love the put together look of the longline bra and hipster panty I got! I also got the bikini panty. I love the look and feel of the material. Thanks for going the extra mile and lining the bra cups too!!

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