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You can never get enough satin!

Do you want to look beautiful in black satin? This sexy gal wants to be surrounded by satin. She chose the beautiful, sophisticated longline for her lingerie, before wrapping herself in a satin scarf and posing on satin sheets. Wow!

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The mystique of Cherry Blossoms!

ย  Ornamental cherry trees, or more specifically their blossoms, carry much symbolic weight throughout Asia. No more so than in Japan. Although the blossomsโ€™ symbolism is broad and far-reaching, much of it surrounds the fragility and fleeting beauty of the blossom. The blossomโ€™s short life---at the height of its beauty---symbolizes why we should enjoy life to the fullest. Life is too short! This is why we occasionally use cherry blossoms in our marketing---to celebrate beauty. Our lingerieโ€™s soft embrace mimics the delicate beauty of the blossoms. Celebrate the cherry blossoms as they also represent the feminine mystique of beauty, strength and sexuality.

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